About Us

Baja Duty Free operates a retail operation that offers an impressive selection of high-quality duty-free brands. Their range of products includes various popular items such as cigarettes, both imported and domestic liquor, fragrances, cosmetics, accessories, sunglasses, candies, chocolates, among others. With a focus on delivering exceptional quality, customers can find an array of top-notch products to meet their desires and preferences. 

The customer base of Baja Duty Free predominantly consists of Mexican individuals, accounting for approximately 85 percent of their clientele. This indicates a strong local presence and suggests that the store caters well to the needs and preferences of the Mexican population. However, Baja Duty Free also attracts a notable number of customers from the United States and foreign tourists. This diverse mix of clientele reflects the store's ability to attract and cater to a broad range of customers, both local and international.

The presence of a wide range of duty-free products combined with a diverse customer base contributes to the success and appeal of Baja Duty Free. By offering top quality brands in multiple product categories, the retail operation ensures that customers can find their desired items conveniently. 

Moreover, the attraction of American customers and foreign tourists further enhances the store's reputation and highlights its ability to cater to an international audience.