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Last update: April 27, 2023
DFASS Retail Travel Services, Inc. (“DFASS”)

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Thank you for visiting (the “Website”).  Please read this policy carefully before using this Website. This Privacy Policy addresses the use of information provided by or obtained from you in using the Website. By using this site and/or providing us with any personal information, you agree to the Conditions of Use found at the bottom or the home page and also agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY PART OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. DFASS reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time and for any reason, said changes shall be informed prior and timely  through our Website. Since this privacy policy may change for time to time, please check back periodically.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available on our homepage and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested.

What our Privacy Policy Covers 

This Privacy Policy covers any personal information that we obtain from you when you use services on our site. This policy does not cover the practices of third party companies or companies that we do not own or control, or the actions of people that we do not employ or manage. 

Why Personal Information is collected

Depending on how you use this Web Site / APP, we may ask you to share personal information with us. Whether you choose to give us this information is completely up to you, but take note that if you withhold information, you may not be able to use some of our services, except in the case of sensitive information. For example, in order to purchase merchandise from this Website you will need to provide certain personal information, such as credit card information.
Notwithstanding the above, the access to the Website will not be conditioned to the provision of sensitive data. The user will not be forced to authorize the treatment of sensitive data. In case that, through the use of the application or Website, the collection of sensitive data shall be required, said situation will be previously informed to the users as well as the sensitive nature of the data required and the purpose of the collection.
When Personal Information is collected

We will ask you for information, including some personal information, if you use any of the several services on the Website.

Making a purchase

When you buy something on the Website, you need to supply an email address, billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit card information. You may be asked to supply additional information as well.

How We Protect Your Information

We maintain reasonable physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. For example:

We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") authentication to guarantee the confidentiality of online transactions made on our site. SSL authentication and encryption of the information that you send to us over the Internet help protect your online transaction information from third party interception.

We never display your full credit card number once it has been entered. We will only reveal the last four digits of your credit card for verification purposes. We inform you that is your obligation to take measures to protect your own privacy, such as: to refrain from sharing your password or number with anyone or sharing your password in an unsolicited phone call or e-mail. In case of loss or breach of your password, you must immediately notify the company or otherwise DFASS shall not be responsible for the results of any failure on your part to take reasonable measures to protect your own personal information and privacy.

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, there is always a risk that third parties may unlawfully intercept transmissions. This reality is true of all Internet use. As a result, we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit, and you transmit all information at your own risk.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We collect personal information in part to make our services more rewarding for you to use. We may use your information to process your transactions for the "Home Delivery" service or preordering the products with reference to the "Pre-order Online" service, as the case may be, and the customer service. We may use this information for internal purposes, such as analyzing the preferences of our clients and monitor the use of our Website. We can also use your contact information for billing and promotional purposes.

How to Avoid Receiving Newsletters and Other Website Materials

If you consent at the time of purchase, we may use e-mail addresses you provide to send out newsletters and other announcements with information about third parties new products, gifts, and special features. Our emails provide instructions on how to remove yourself from the mailing list.


Who Views Your Personal Information

We may employ other companies and individuals (“Contractors’) to perform functions on our behalf such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending postal mail and e-mails, analyzing customer data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, investigating fraudulent activity, conducting customer surveys, updating and maintaining our Web Site and servers, and providing customer service. These companies and individuals have access to personal information to the extent needed to perform their functions, but may not disclose your personally identifiable information for other purposes.

Some personal information is stored on servers owned by us, or our affiliates, and only our authorized personnel and our Contractors have the right to access this information. We currently share aggregate information about our customers with advertisers and marketing partners.  This information does not identify individual users.

Personal information may be disclosed if required by law.

We do not currently sell or license personal information. Before selling or licensing your personal information, we will post a notice in this Privacy Policy and on our home page and we will request your previous and express authorization for this purpose.
At this time, we share personal information with our affiliates, situation that shall be previously and expressly approved by you.

Use of Clickstream Data

We have included clickstream data on some of our web pages. We use clickstream data to transfer data (such as purchase and site usage history). We may provide this data to companies that assist us in data research and analysis. The analysis and research helps us to determine customer preferences and improve Website offerings. We may also rely upon third parties to assist with the use and implementation of the clickstream data. This data transference will be effective, provided that you grant us previous and express authorization.


DFASS does not authorize minors to use the Website and is not aware of any usage of the Website by minors.  Furthermore, we rely on the data provided to us by users to be accurate. The Website cannot distinguish the age of persons who access and use its pages. If a minor (according to applicable laws) has provided the Website with customer data without parental or guardian consent, the parent or guardian should contact the Website or  to remove the relevant customer data and unsubscribe them.

Rights of the holder of the personal information and proceedings for enquiries and claims


You are entitled to know, update and rectify your personal information, as well as revoke said authorization through this website, demand evidence, and to have free of charge access to the use that is being given to your personal information.
For this purposes, you shall be able to reach us in the United States to the 1-888-388-9373 or in Colombia to 571-3568177 telephone extension 107 or  send an email to  once you reach us and express your enquiry or the reasons of discontent, the following proceeding shall be followed:

You, your legal beneficiaries, your legal representatives and/or agents shall be able to carry out ENQUIRIES about your Personal Information resting in the Company Data Bases, in accordance with the following rules:

-        The request will be analyzed to verify the holder's identity. If the request if filed by a person different than the holder and is not attested that said request acts as a representation of the holder according to the applicable laws, the request will be denied.

-        All Enquiries will be addressed in a ten (10) working days term maximum, following the date of the reception of such enquiry. Where it is not possible to address the enquiry  within said term, the party concerned will be informed, expressing the reasons of the delay and specifying the date in which the claim will be addressed, which in any case shall exceed the next five (5) working days following the expiration of the first term.

You will be able to check, update, change, delete or revoke your authorization for the treatment of your personal data at any moment, through the following proceeding:
You, our your legal beneficiaries, whenever you consider that the information held in our Data Bases should be subjected to correction, updating or deleting, can file a CLAIM in accordance to the following rules:

-        The request will be analyzed to verify the holder's identity. If the request is filed by a person different than the holder and is not attested that said request acts as a representation of the holder according to the applicable laws, the request will be denied.

-        The claim shall contain the following information: (i) the holder's identification. (ii) the contact data (physical and/or electronic address and contact telephone numbers); (iii) the documents that certify the identity of the Holder, or the representation; (iv) the patent and precise description of the Personal Data over which the Holder is seeking to exercise any of the rights; (v) the description of the facts that give rise to the claim; (iv) the documents that may want to enforce; (vii) signature and number of identification.

-        If the claim turns out to be incomplete, the Company will require from the party concerned, within the next five (5) working days) to the reception of the claim, to correct the flaws. After two (2) months since the date of the request, and if the required information by the requester has not been filed, it will be understood as the waiving of the claim.

-        If the department that receives the claim is not efficient in solving said claim, it will lead to the reassignment to whom it may concern within a two (2) days term maximum and will inform the situation to party concerned.

-        Once the reception of the complete claim is conducted, a heading will be included in the data base that reads "claim in process" and the reason of said claim, within a term no longer than two (2) working days. Said heading will be maintained until the claim is resolved.

-        The maximum term to address a claim will be of fifteen (15) working days following the next day of the day of the reception. Where it is not possible to address the enquiry within said term, the party concerned will be informed, expressing the reasons of the delay and the date in which the claim will be addressed, which in any case shall exceed the next five (5) working days following the expiration of the first term.

You have the right, at any moment, to request the deleting of your Personal Data. The deleting implies the total or partial deleting of the Personal Data from our Data Bases, in accordance to your request. That you may have a legal or contractual obligation to remain in the Data Base or that the Accountable has a legal or contractual obligation that requires to keep the Personal Data; (ii) The deleting of Personal Data may hinder judicial or administrative proceedings linked to tax compliance, investigation or persecution of crimes or updating of administrative sanctions; (iii) The Personal Data is necessary to protect legally protected interests, to perform an action in accordance to the public interest, or to comply with a legally acquired obligation by you or the



Effective date
August 1st, 2015

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