Employees Discount

  • Alamo Group Holdings LLC provides a 20% discount privilege for their staff (not family, friends, or relatives), on the purchase of merchandise from our stores.
  • All employee purchases made must be conducted by a supervisor.
  • Discount is provided to employees for the purchase of products for their personal use or for personal gift giving, without expectation of reimbursement. In the case of Duty-Free Stores, the employee must be traveling on a qualified international flight unless domestic sales are allowed.
  • Employee purchases are not being made during employee's work time or peak business periods.
  • Merchandise items not eligible for employee/military discount:

- Boutique items (Longines, Omega, IWC, and UN)

- Tobacco

- Liquor (without international boarding pass)

- Promotional or discount items (This includes all products on current promotion or already has a discount in place.)